Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bizarre News: Rabid Bat Bites Man And His Dog

It sounds like the premise of a B-movie, but this past Sunday a rabid bat attack took place in a town near Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reported that when Steve Spence of Moorpark in Ventura County was taking out the trash barefooted, a rabid bat took advantage of the situation and bit his foot. His American bulldog, Pumba, was also bitten (not sure if he got it in the foot or somewhere else). As a precaution, Spence's is taking vaccinations and his house, and dog, are under quarantine.

And the creepy thing about this is that rabid bat attacks are not as rare as one would expect. In fact, according to the news story, "Ventura and Los Angeles counties have both reported larger than normal numbers of rabid bats his summer." While I find this news item strangely fascinating,  from now on, I will most likely be avoiding trash runs in my bare feet.

Read the full LA Times article here:
Rabid Bat Bites Moorpark Man

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