Thursday, March 31, 2011

6 Questions For Gris Grimly

I recently had the fine pleasure of interviewing the amazing artist Gris Grimly. In case you're not familiar with him, he is the sinister mastermind behind Mad Creator Productions, his own multimedia company. He has done a diverse arrangement of quirky and ghoulish paintings and has illustrated several books, including children's stories, Edgar Allan Poe collections and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Although his books appear to be made for children, when you delve deeper, you see that they blur the lines between cute and creepy enough that they appeal to ghouls of all ages. Gris Grimly  also designs artwork and music videos for bands, (Creature Feature, Cenobites, Hola Ghost, Blitzkid,  The Horrifics, Wednesday 13, Ghoultown, Mad Sin, to name a few). If that weren't enough, he's also a filmmaker, whose cinematic style mirrors the glorious creepiness portrayed in his art. One of his classics is , Cannibal Flesh Riot a tale of two grave-robbing ghouls who deal in the serious business of grave defiling, necrophilia and cannibalism while having a deeply philosophical discussion about food condiments. Gris Grimly likes to serve his comedy very, very black. He is currently collaborating with Guillermo Del Toro to bring his animated Pinocchio story to the big screen. I think it's safe to say it won't have much in common with Disney version. Without further adieu, here is an interview with Gris Grimly.

Do you have a secret weapon you use to inspire you to create? Libations? Music? Muse?
Being is inspiration enough. I usually fall asleep anxious to wake up the next morning to work again.

I've read that you have a bloodcurdling fear of children and I can believe it since I've seen you at events when children were in your presence and you were sweating blood. Yet curiously enough, a lot of your art and books seem to be intentionally tailored to attract children because of their whimsically, creepy nature. Care to comment on this?
It's not so much that I have a bloodcurdling fear of children as I don't know what to do with them. This awkwardness usually comes off as brutal. I treat them and talk to them the same way I talk to adults. So when I sarcastically say, "Just hold your breath and die already" to a little 4 year old, it doesn't always come off as funny as I see it in my head.

A few years ago, you had the stunningly awesome honor of giving the eulogy at at a funeral reenactment for Edgar Allan Poe as part of bicentennial event honoring him. How did that come about?
The Poe house in Baltimore has been a big supporter of my Poe books. So when they asked me to be a part of it, I agreed. Which I have to say, they are endangered of getting shut down by the city of Baltimore who is trying to cut costs. If you would like to help, there is a petition you can sign.

In your short movie Cannibal Flesh Riot, two white trash ghouls rob graves and devour the corpses while having an in-depth discussion on the finer points of food condiments. If you had to be trapped in a sealed cave for all eternity with only a few condiments, what would they be? (bonus points if one of them is Marmite).
Hot sauce!

By the way, you seem to have a fetish for grave robbing (even if only vicariously). If you were given a free pass to dig up any soul in the history of mankind, who would it be? 
Digging up a corpse isn't too exciting unless you're a ghoul. They all look the same when they are nothing but bones and dust. So I guess I would like to see the more interesting bodies of the elephant man or someone like that. But I think their bodies are all on display anyway.

You have been working on a big Pinocchio project for several years so it's safe to say you've done a little digging into this boy's background and have some insight. So what's your take on Pinocchio? Misunderstood lad with EMO tendencies? Juvenile deliquent?
Juvenile delinquent of course.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Husk" And "Prowl" - First After Dark Originals DVD Releases

After Dark Films, in partnership with Lionsgate and Syfi, present their new batch of After Dark Originals horror films. The eight movies in this year's series were released in theaters on January 28th for a short run and are now coming out on DVDs over the next several months. The first two DVD releases are Husk and Prowl, both out on March 29th. Husk is the tale of friends whose car crashes one night in the middle of nowhere and they seek shelter in a corn field only to discover unearthly horror. Prowl is a story of a group of friends who hitch a ride on a truck and unwittingly find themselves becoming prey to a horde of vampires.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Re-Animator"... The Musical (No joke!)

I can hear you thinking, "You've gotta be kidding." But, I jest not. Re-Animator The Musical is happening onstage at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollyweird, California. Yeah, I know, now you're thinking, "Nooo!!!". That was my first reaction too. The idea of a classic '80s horror movie re-told as a musical sounds truly horrifying (and not in a good way). But that was before I looked at the fine print. The show is directed by Stuart Gordon, the director of the original movie. That alone should get you excited. But wait, there's more... Joining Gordon in putting the play together are the original film co-writers Dennis Paoli and William J. Norris. Still need more persuasion? On top of that, the music was done by the original composer, Mark Nutter. They've even got the original special effects guys, Tony Doublin, John Naulin and John Beuchler! If that ain't enough, Norm from the show Cheers (Harry Murphy) is even in it! The onstage special effects are supposed to be outrageous and over the top with boat-loads of blood and gore. The first row of the theater has even been designated as a "splash zone" and rain gear is provided. The show was originally going to run until March 27th but the first few weeks have been so successful that they've extended it through May 29th. Get your tickets while you can. I think they're gonna go fast.


"Insidious" Trailer

This looks looks like a good one! Insidious, brought to you by the makers of Saw and Paranormal Activity, is the tale of a family who experiences evil forces after moving into a new home. Their child becomes comatose and seems to be targeted by the entities. They move to a new home to escape but discover that it's not the house that was the root of the haunting. Insidious will be in theaters April 1st. Check out the trailer. It looks like Poltergeist for the 2010s!


Monday, March 21, 2011

The vintage-style 1940s Sci-Fi Posters Winner!

And the winner is... (wait for it)... #5 Gina!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Chance To Win Vintage-style 1940s Sci-Fi Posters!

The poster giveaway ends tonight. See details below on how to win 2 new 18"x24" vintage-style reproduction posters of 1940's pulp sci-fi Startling Stories and Amazing Stories magazine covers.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Another New Official Trailer For French Horror/Comedy "Rubber"

Last month I posted some earlier trailers for Rubber, a bizarre French black comedy/horror movie about a psychopathic killer car tire named Robert. Well, a brand spanking new trailer has been released and it's the best one yet. Rubber will be out in theaters, fittingly, on April Fools day.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vintage-style 1940s Sci-Fi Posters Giveaway

Here's a real treat for you! I'm giving away these two gorgeous new 18"x24" vintage-style reproduction posters of 1940's pulp sci-fi Startling Stories and Amazing Stories magazine covers. 

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And the winner is... (wait for it)... #5 Gina!

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